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Your Christian Worship, Fellowship and Mission Home within two worship types in Bible balanced, open-minded discipleship in Jesus:
# Traditional pipe organ services with Sacrament focus;
# Contemporary keyboard and song group services, with our Children’s Church and Youth, and with Sacraments focus.

Our Mission...

George Presbyterian Church belongs among over 500 Uniting Presbyterian congregations of over ½ a million Presbyterian Christians in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Globally, we are many millions more disciples from Korea to Chile, and Australasia to Alaska - all with a Jesus and Reformation Bible heritage. 

In our African home, we have served Jesus for 200 years in the ‘Ethiopian Fulfilment’ mission in South Africa and Africa [Psalm 68.31/ Isaiah 18.7 / Zephaniah 3.10: (1902, ~2 million Christians in Africa; by 2002 over 500 million and growing)]. Our Jesus mission continues in worship and mission among all major language groups of our modern Southern African diversity. 

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Address: 8 Caledon Street, George
GPS:      22°27'35"E,     33°57'14"S
Tel: 044 874-3105 Fax: 044 873-6197
Secretary: office@georgepresby.co.za
Minister: minister@georgepresby.co.za

Bank Account Details:
Presbyterian Church George
FNB Acc No: 522 940 543 51

Branch Code: 210 114

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8 Caledon Street 

PO Box 853, George, 6530


Email: office@georgepresby.co.za 
Phone: +27 044 874 3105 
Fax: +27 044 874 6197

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